schillingreport 2018
    17. Mai 2018 - The trend with respect to gender diversity on the executive boards of Switzerland’s largest companies is disappointing: After the encouraging figure reported last year, the share of women on these boards has fallen again. The share of foreigners is also declining. In terms of gender diversity, the public sector has made significantly more progress than private business.
    schillingreport 2017
    Swiss Companies increase Gender Diversity among Top Executives: More than a fifth of all new executive board members are women – a record after 10 years of «standing still». The number of foreigners on executive boards has continued to rise. The public sector serves as a model for gender diversity.
    schillingreport 2016
    The schillingreport analyses the 100 largest Swiss companies regarding the composition of thei executive and supervisory boards as well as various aspects of their executive an supervisory board members. 
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    schillingreport 2016 gender diversity - Transparency regarding the gender mix at all levels
    Gender diversity is making Progress: In Swiss companies, women account for nearly a quarter of all executives in the middle management. 
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    schillingreport 2016 public sector
    For the first time, the schillingreport public sector analyses the compositions of the public sector's top management. 
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    schillingnews 3 / 2015 – The Supervisory Board of the Future
    24 September 2015 - Independence, availability, transparency: Swiss supervisory boards must meet the ever-increasing demands of the owners and the general public. They have accepted this challenge and work persistently on corporate governance to fully satisfy them. The SB today has primary responsibility for strategic development and risk management. But the journey goes on: In the schillingnews 3 / 2015 we take a look on why supervisory boards are going to need a mix of professionals and actors with a foothold in day-to-day business.